Archetypal psychic experiences throughout childhood determined my fate
at a young age. Encounters with mythological beings, near death
experiences, and recurring episodes of sleep paralysis prompted states
of heightened conscious awareness which caused me to be
preternaturally observant of both ordinary and non-ordinary reality.
Because of this, I felt a rapport with renaissance artists at a young
age, as the coalescence of spiritual concepts with realistic
representation so often found in the work of antiquity resonated with
In my teenage years, a budding interest in surrealism coincided
with my ventures into Jungian psychological and esoteric studies. I
attended college for creative writing and, upon graduation, I felt
compelled to continue my artistic education myself by studying and
replicating the renaissance artists I felt so attuned to in childhood.
My preferred mediums are charcoal, ink, graphite, and both
acrylic and oil paints. Although I am comfortable with oils, I have
devised a method of optically blending acrylics through successive
applications of semi-transparent layers to both simulate the
appearance of oils and to allow me to work at a much faster pace.
In turning my attention to the unconscious environment of dreams
as a source of inspiration, the female form repeatedly asserts itself
as emblematic of my soul. I seek to represent the natural body, freed
from the restrictive and exclusive standards of beauty imposed by the
transitory preferences of the mass media. Likewise, the dissolution of
time and space in the dream state is reflected in a similarly
ambiguous movement through history in my work. As my soul wanders
throughout the historical eras buried in the depths of the collective
psyche, my art follows suit.

11x4 inches 
acrylic on canvas
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