For wickedly brilliant decades, Vinsantos has been the iconic queen, drag mother, and commercially successful persona of cabaret artist Vincent DeFonte. Until now. After bursting onto the scene at San Francisco’s legendary Trannyshack, building a reputation as the beloved impresario of the New Orleans Drag Workshop, and enchanting audiences across the United States, it seems Vinsantos has also been slowly strangling the joy of out of DeFonte’s art with her glamour-clad facade. DeFonte is on the brink of breaking up with the persona that has taken over his life, and the cameras are rolling. What more fitting way to lay to rest an iconic queen than with a final show in Paris? 

Following DeFonte in the six months leading to Vinsantos’ drag-star-studded farewell performance, director Coline Abert masterfully captures moments both intimate and grand that shape the path to Paris. Integrating a broad spectrum of DeFonte’s life and exploring themes of art, politics, family, and fulfillment, Last Dance invites audiences past the glamour and into the complexities of an artist pushing to a new level of creative fulfillment. 

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