Commissioned Work

Vinsantos works in partnership with his collectors to create one of a kind memories in these unique collaborations. 

Family heirlooms, life markers, sentimental ephemera and anything under the sun that holds a special memory for the collector is incorporated into the assemblage making an unbreakable bond between the collector and the art itself. You can have yourself, a loved one, your favorite icon created just for you. You can also submit a box of treasures to be used in making that dream piece that you've always wanted. 

"We all carry things with us throughout our lives. We keep them in boxes, under beds and in drawers. These inanimate objects carry a value that you can't put a price on, but we often don't know what to do with them. We store them away in places unseen. I have created a way to take those irreplaceable items out of their hiding spots and breath new life into them so that you can enjoy them and the memories they hold forever and ever. This is my life's work and I could not be more honored to have such a blessed job and a way to connect with my clients."



This take on one of Disney's most iconic characters is loaded with personal details. Family heirlooms, life markers, sentimental jewelry. My favorite details are the collectors grandmother's teacups that made for the most adorable balloon sleeves that fashion has ever seen! Her father's vintage Mickey Mouse watch is prominently featured over Alice's head adorned with vintage pearls inside and antique tea cup. This is one tea party to remember! 


This piece was custom made for a New Orleans collector. This doll is based on Clay Shaw. Clay was an openly gay businessman that lived in the French Quarter in the 60s and 70s. He was a war hero and also the only the only person prosecuted in connection with the Kennedy assassination , and was acquitted. Vinsantos worked with the collector who lives in one of Clay's former French Quarter homes to recreate this image of Clay celebrating Mardi Gras in the 70s. Sentimental pieces were collected to enhance and personalize the piece including the collectors "baby ring" (seen on the dolls wrist) and some of his old Mardi Gras ball costume pieces. 

Read more about Clay Shaw here.

Collectors choice. 

With this beauty, one of Vinsantos' premiere collectors dictated the dimensions of the piece and requested green eyes, red hair and supple breasts. Vinsantos was given free rein to run with the rest of the design and is now one of their favorite pieces that they have collaborated on so far. 


This sweet little goth inspired girl was created for a Canadian collector. The doll was lovingly sculpted based on one of her favorite Vinsantos Art Dolls from the archives then adorned entirely using jewelry collected from her own personal Pandora's box of treasures. 


This custom David Bowie doll was created for a family of Glam Rock lovers. When given the task, Vinsantos was given free choice of which Bowie he loved the most. He chose the classic pirouette clown costume from the famed Ashes to Ashes video. Several of the baubles and sparkles were collected from the clients wedding ceremony to capture the beautiful memories of their special day and their love of ROCK AND ROLL. 

"Juggler Love" - Phillip Wellford Memorial Piece

Probably one of the most stunning and personalized pieces of Vinsantos' career and first memorial doll. One day, Susan Wellford, late wife of 80s televisions personality and acclaimed juggler/comedian Phillip Wellford, walked into Vinsantos' N Rampart St studio and was immediately drawn to his unique visionary dolls. The two very quickly connected and as they shared stories about themselves, Susan revealed to him that she had recently lost her husband. Being a child of the 80s, it wasn't long before Vinsantos realized exactly who she was referring to. It was Susan that suggested taking the items that she has set aside from her late husband's career and a collection of mementos that would define their love affair and use those pieces to adorn and personalize this effigy. Besides the box and the sculpture of the face and arms, each item included in this assemblage is a part of their life together. Several tools of his trade, his ashes in a small vile, his wallet, wedding rings, pocket knives and even the threshold that he first carried her over as newlyweds are all carefully arranged to tell this story. 

Hunter S Thompson

Custom made doll inspired by the collectors favorite author. Vinsantos collected vintage memorabilia for this piece and emphasized Hunter's love and obsession for all things guns and cigarettes!. 


Probably Vinsantos' most iconic character "The Sea Priestess" has been made in dozens of fashions and forms over the years. This particular piece was made for a collector in South Florida. It was the clients' idea to make her horizontal (a first for this siren) to fit the perfect spot in her home. Most of the jewelry in the headdress and adorning the face, and the dangling string of gold clowns are from her mother and grandmother. These little touches topped off an already gorgeous collaboration and made it a family heirloom.  


This doll was commissioned by Bay Area Drag artist Woo Woo Monroe. She gathered all of her broken jewelry from her career on the stage and sent it to Vinsantos. The doll was sculpted and painted based on a few of her favorite looks then adorned with her own Drag belongings long gone. Simply GORGEOUS!


One of Bianca's biggest fans from Las Vegas commissioned this glorious piece. Drenched in pearls and booze, when Bianca saw this gorgeous version of herself she exclaimed "I WANT IT!" to which Vinsantos replied "Uh, Buy one then!". This was such a fun piece and an honor to make. Notice how tightly she's grasping that cocktail!!! 


This piece was commissioned by a favorite collector. This is her Uncle Al. He's wearing reworked patches from his military service, and a deconstructed Member Only jacket (the only jacket that's good enough for Al). He loves Jack Daniel's and the ticket stub on the rusted marquee is a treasured memento from an actual Sinatra concert he went to in the 80s. Unfortunately, Uncle Al passed away just before the piece was delivered, making for an impromptu memorial piece that was displayed at his Celebration of Life ceremony along with art prints made for his friends and family to take home and treasure. 

Musical Memorial

With this piece, the collector had several ideas all working at first in opposition then in harmony.

She wanted a piece that was glammed out that would also memorialize her late father. She referenced one of her favorite Vinsantos Art Dolls and sent in several mementos from her late father and family including action figures, figurines, comic books, lottery tickets, a book and old monster movie magazines. She also wanted to capture a New Orleans jazz vibe. This piece includes a "memory drawer" where the collector can stash sentimental sentiments and have access to them. 


This king of the ivories piece was made for Liberace's biggest fan and includes an antique toy piano and antique piano keys n jewels.

For more pricing information, requests, or to dive into the process of having your custom Vinsantos doll please send us an email.


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