is a multi disciplinary artists living and working in New Orleans and Mississippi. 

Vinsantos Art Dolls are sculpted from polymer clay painted with cosmetics and adorned with a vast collection of vintage and antique treasures. These assemblage art dolls are one of a kind and built into their own custom made casings and frames.  

Vinsantos coveted commissioned dolls are the ultimate in personalized art. When taking commissions, he asks that the collector submits one to several dozen sentimental items, family heirlooms, and ephemera from their lives to create a direct link to the client. Often times, collectors will have themselves, their family members or their favorite icons turned into OOAK handcrafted treasures to pass down through the generations to come. 

As a musician, Vinsantos coins himself as a Drag Cabaret act. He takes a modern approach on the traditional style of the Weimar Cabaret scene from the 1920s. Blending original and classic songs, storytelling, comedy, costumes and visuals, a highly intimate relationship is built with his audiences worldwide. Recently, Vinsantos found himself on tour with Peter Murphy and David J of Bauhaus fame and continues to work with his legendary forefathers to push his story forward and present a unique and theatrical approach to your normal everyday rock and roll show.  You can listen to and purchase his solo debut album produced by David J along with a few select singles online.  Expect a new album to be released in the coming months.

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